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Hi Helenita!

My name is [Luke Skywalker], and I’m a project manager at [The New Jedi Order]. I’d love to hire you for a project.

We’ve been discussing the idea of redesigning our [website] that [will increase sales and improve our SEO]. Our current [site] is [about 10 years old].

We’d like to launch the site by [the end of Q3] as that [coincides with our industry’s annual conference in October]. Please let us know if you think that’s reasonable or if more discussion is needed. We would like to work with a team that can [coordinate the entire project from data gathering to training, launch and support]. I would be your primary point of contact; however, key decisions will need to be made by [our CEO and CFO]. We [don’t] have [an internal design or development team] available to help. We’d like to keep the price to about [$100K, with a cap of $150K if after additional requirements gathering, you feel it is necessary].

I’d be happy to provide any additional information or documentation you may need. If you’re available and interested in this project, I’d love to set up a time to talk. What is your availability next week?

Thank you,