Based in Houston, Helenita Frounfelkner is the owner of Never Not Prepared and has over a decade of experience as a project manager, digital producer, content strategist and information architect for award-winning sites. Every project requires a different set of talented people. Some require specialists with knowledge on a niche industry and others require a variety of skillsets from junior- to senior-level. Whatever your project needs are, Helenita will find not only the right but also the best in the industry to deliver the highest quality of work you wouldn't be able to find at a standard agency. 

Helenita has been a digital project manager for over 10 years and have had the privilege of working at awesome agencies like Happy Cog and Fortune 500 companies like ConocoPhillips. She has delivered award-winning websites, established company and organizational documentation and processes and has worked with some pretty stellar folks along the way.

After having worked remotely for agencies for the better half of the past decade, Helenita couldn't stop thinking about the idea of a completely virtual, collaborative agency. And out of that idea, Never Not Prepared was born. Over the years, she has fostered a network of some of the most talented speakers, producers, creatives and developers in the industry. It's this network that you can count on to bring your visions to life.

Never Not Prepared, or numquam non paratus, is Helenita's family crest.  It embodies how she strives to be - always one step ahead and doing her best. Our clients will always feel prepared as they make any major decisions and we will always be prepared to support them as little or as much as they need.

When Helenita isn't at work, she's an Author and Director of Operations